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Dental Implants: What Foods Should I Avoid?

Posted on February 25th, 2019 by ChesterfieldFamilyDentisrty

Dental implants are an exciting, permanent way to replace missing teeth. Not only do they restore the appearance of our smiles, they improve their functionality too. If you’ve recently gotten Chesterfield dental implants, it’s important you follow your dentist’s instructions to make sure the healing process goes smoothly. Part of this means giving your gums […]

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Teeth Whitening Trends

Posted on January 28th, 2019 by ChesterfieldFamilyDentisrty

Trendy teeth whitening methods, like charcoal, coconut oil, and hydrogen peroxide, have been popping up all over the place. With all of the hype surrounding the latest smile brightening fads, you have to wonder: Do they actually work? And, most importantly, are they safe for my teeth? Our Chesterfield dentist is here to debunk some […]

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3 Tips to Improve Your Invisalign Experience

Posted on December 31st, 2018 by ChesterfieldFamilyDentisrty

Compared to metal brackets and bothersome wires, Invisalign is a walk in the park. Our dentist in Chesterfield agrees, but we want to make your experience even better. To do so, we put together our top three tips on how to make your time with Invisalign as comfortable and effective as possible. Have a File […]

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Posted on November 26th, 2018 by ChesterfieldFamilyDentisrty

Our dentist in Chesterfield may recommend dental implants to improve your smile and replace cracked, missing, or damaged teeth. Whether you need one tooth or multiple teeth replaced, dental implants are an excellent way to restore your smiles and your confidence. Here are some reasons that dental implants are so popular. Convenience: Dental implants stay […]

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October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Posted on October 19th, 2018 by ChesterfieldFamilyDentisrty

Our dentists in Chesterfield know that every month is a chance to improve your oral hygiene habits, but especially in October. Every October, the American Dental Association celebrates National Dental Hygiene Month to help raise awareness about the importance of oral hygiene and how it can impact your overall health as well. This year, there […]

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  • Dental 🦷 implant placement is an excellent option for tooth replacement!  This was a computer guided case utilizing a 3D X-ray and a 3D printed surgical guide.  This technology allowed us to precisely place the implant and a screw retained final crown 👑 for this patient.  #DigitalDentistry #ChesterfieldFamilyDentistry #ChesterfieldDentist #ChesterfieldMO #ImplantDentistry #STLdentistry #STLmo

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