At Chesterfield Family Dentistry our office is equipped with state-of-art-technology, allowing Dr. Jon and the dental team to effectively diagnose and treat our patients.


Unlike X-rays of the past, our digitized X-rays emit 80 percent less radiation. Because the quality of digital images is shaper, they often make finding a decay spot or abnormality easier. Digital x-rays allow us to electronically send images to other specialists and insurance companies as well.
DEXIS™ Titanium Digital X-Ray Sensor
With DEXIS Titanium’s extraordinary image quality, SMART features and durable materials, you gain the confidence, reliability, and assurance that give peace of mind.
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We know many patients experience stress when visiting the dentist. Creating an inviting and comfortable environment for our patients is important to us. To ease anxiety, we’ve modeled our office in soothing tones, equipped each operatory with a massage chair, flat-screen televisions, and provide soft, plush blankets to keep patients warm and cozy during procedures. And, at the end of treatment, enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee.

Peace of Mind for Your Dental Visits

The Wand is a computer-assisted system for local anesthesia. It carefully guides dental professionals as they are performing dental injections. Patients who experience our technology will find it offers less pain and more contained numbness for the area that is being treated by using single tooth anesthesia (STA).
Digital Records
As a paperless office, all our records are stored digitally. This allows us to seamlessly interact with other specialists around the St. Louis area and world–securely sending patients’ electronic records.
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Iris HD USB 3.0 Camera
Additionally, using digital imaging is considered more environmentally friendly, as it alleviates the need for chemicals and film paper to be disposed of.
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The DIAGNOdent is a non-invasive, safe laser that aids our clinical team in the early detection of cavities. It is a simple, fast and painless high tech tool that eliminates uncomfortable probing and X-ray exposure.
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3D Trios Scanner
This innovative tool allows Dr. Jon and the dental assistants to conveniently and accurately take 3D color, intraoral impressions of patients’ mouths for procedures involving more in-depth treatment. It is more comfortable than previous methods and has increased patient satisfaction significantly.
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Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic
Moving patients are significant challenge to image quality, but the Planmeca CALM™ movement correction algorithm helps to efficiently remove movement artifacts from CBCT images and succeed every time.
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ClassicDEXIS CariVu™
DEXIS CariVu is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal and recurrent carious lesions and cracks.
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