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Dental Implants: What Foods Should I Avoid?

Published on February 25th, 2019
Dental implants are an exciting, permanent way to replace missing teeth. Not only do they restore the appearance of our smiles, they improve their functionality too. If you’ve recently gotten Chesterfield dental implants, it’s important you follow your dentist’s instructions to make sure the healing process goes smoothly. Part of this means giving your gums a chance to heal by watching what you eat. Here is a general guideline of what you should and should not do directly after having your dental implant placed.


After your anesthesia has worn off, the best way to ease back into your full diet is with soft foods. If you aren’t hungry after the surgery, we still advise you to try to eat. The nutrients from food can help speed up the healing process and reduce your level of pain.

What Foods

While you may be craving your favorite potato chips after surgery, this is strongly discouraged. Hard foods will only prolong your recovery time and most likely cause you pain. Soft, nutrient-rich foods are the best way to give your mouth a leg up on recovery. Stick to oatmeal, soup, protein shakes, or scrambled eggs, no matter how good that ice cream diet sounds.
Being patient throughout the recovery process will help you to avoid disappointing setbacks and get back to your normal, healthy self in no time! Reach out to our team at Chesterfield Family Dentistry if you are interested in getting a Chesterfield dental implant to help improve your smile.
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