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Dry Mouth from Prescription Drugs

Published on September 12th, 2018
Time and time again, patients visit our Chesterfield dentist with dry mouth and they aren’t sure the source of it. But did you know that the side effect of many medications is dry mouth? This is an unfortunate side effect that may result in the change of your medication. Your doctor may also adjust the dosage to decrease the chance of dry mouth occurring. But what if your dry mouth is severe? Our Chesterfield dentist has some solutions and recommendations.

Why is Dry Mouth Bad?

The saliva that our mouth naturally produces helps get rid of food debris and plaque. Thus, if your mouth is too dry, you may develop cavities. In fact, the Oral Cancer Foundation notes that 30 percent of all tooth decay in older adults is caused by dry mouth.

Prescribe Medication

There are certain medications, such as Salagen or Evoxac that are designed to stimulate saliva production in your mouth. Dr. Silva will determine if this is a necessary step to take for your circumstances. He may also recommend over-the-counter treatments such as Biotene and ACT dry mouth rinses.

Fluoride Trays

In order to reduce your risk of developing a cavity, fluoride trays can be used and worn overnight. Our Chesterfield dentist will fit you for customized fluoride trays that you will fill with fluoride and wear overnight.

Drink Water

As simple as it sounds, drinking water or other sugar-free drinks can help restore the moisture in your mouth. If your dry mouth is severe, you may need to drink it when you are eating in order to make the swallowing process easier.
If you have recently started a new medication and you notice your mouth is drier than usual, schedule an appointment with our Chesterfield dentist to see what options are available to help.
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