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Your Child and Their Baby Teeth

Published on July 25th, 2017
Children typically start to lose their teeth by the age of 6. If your child is starting to experience the loss of their baby teeth, it can be an exciting time! For your child’s utmost comfort, read here for more on and care during the loss of a tooth:

Losing A Tooth

According to the Dental Association, teeth typically fall out in the order they appeared. The first teeth common to fall out are the front teeth, whereas the last tooth to fall out is typically a molar. A child at the age of 12 or 13 will likely have all their baby teeth gone.

It is also important to understand the cause behind why your child has lost a tooth. Tooth loss could be due to an accident, tooth decay, or because the new tooth is ready to come in. If your child’s oral health is well and they have not suffered an injury, then it is likely just a baby tooth falling out. If you are ever concerned about the cause of your child’s teeth loss, contact a dentist in Chesterfield and have your child’s teeth examined.

After the Tooth Falls Out

After the tooth falls out, have your child to gargle with warm water to help with any bleeding. Be sure you continue to encourage your little one to continue their typical oral hygiene routines. Warn your child not to brush too hard where the missing tooth was, and reinforce other healthy eating habits. After a tooth falls out, it should be replaced by a new tooth within several months. If 6 months go by and your child still has no sign of a new tooth, take them to a dentist in Chesterfield for an evaluation.
Chesterfield Family Dentistry is very familiar with teeth big and small! If you have questions about your child and their baby teeth, contact our dentist in Chesterfield today.
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