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Children’s Dentistry

Smiles Are Contagious

Smiles are beautiful things. When accompanied by a child’s laughter, a tasty piece of candy or an ice cream cone, dental health is probably one of the last things that come to mind. However, taking care of your child’s teeth is as important as taking care of our own.

When we think about bringing our child to the dentist for the first time it is understandable why parents might worry. A child’s first dental visit can go very well or very badly, setting the tone for future visits. This is why it is important to understand that the outcome often relies heavily upon preparation.

A good dentist knows how to make young patients feel comfortable in a dental office. They take into account age, their level of fear, whether or not this is the patient’s first appointment and sensitivity. However, there are many things parents can do before and after a visit to the dentist to make things infinitely easier for their children.

Make It Fun

In an effort to ensure your whole family can go for their regular six-month checkups without a hassle, it is best to work on easing any fears your children might have about the dentist.

At Chesterfield Family Dentistry we suggest explaining to your kids exactly what a dentist (the tooth doctor) does, and how they work to keep our smiles beautiful and our bodies healthy. Talking openly about dental hygiene will make the idea of seeing the dentist less scary and more ordinary, just like going for a haircut or visiting the pediatrician.

Teaching your kids how to take care of their teeth from a young age is important, too. Brush your teeth together, make it a fun, nightly ritual. Let them choose a special toothbrush for themselves and allow them to see you taking equally good care of your own teeth so they have a good example set by their favorite person.

The more time given to dental health means it is also less likely your kids will have to endure any traumatizing experiences or procedures. Regular dental hygiene will make visits to the dentist faster, less costly, and more fun. Believe us when we say we don’t like cavities either!

Finally, reward them with stickers or other treats when they start taking care of their teeth without you having to remind them, or every time they have a successful appointment at the dentist. There are endless ways to encourage them to enjoy caring for their teeth, and in doing so, you will be ensuring your children stay healthy and continue to keep up good dental hygiene practices for years to come.

Chesterfield Family Dentistry

At Chesterfield Family Dentistry, our patients’ comfort and health are our first priority. We have worked with families and young children for years, and we know that kindness is the key to keeping patients of all ages happy. If you are looking for a reliable family dentist in Chesterfield, MO, that puts their patients first, look no further than Chesterfield Family Dentistry. We are here to make you and your loved ones smile. Call today at (314)-878-9808.

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