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Emergency Tooth Repair

There’s never an ideal time for a dental emergency to take place. One minute you’re biting into a hard apple, and the next thing you know, your tooth is cracked. Dental emergencies can be extremely painful, and, depending on the situation cannot wait until regular business hours to be taken care of. Not only do you want it to be taken care of, but you also want to find only the best care for either yourself or someone you care about. In these tough situations, you can rely on Dr. Silva, one of the best dentists in Chesterfield! Here are some signs that you need emergency tooth repair.

Your Tooth Chipped or Cracked

Small chips can typically wait until normal business hours to be addressed. However, if your tooth is severely chipped or cracked, you’ll want to get it looked at immediately. A severe crack or chip may quickly turn into a more serious problem if it is not looked at immediately. If part of your tooth falls out, do your best to save it and bring it into our office with you. It is also a good idea to keep a cold compress on your cheek to keep swelling down.

Your Tooth Got Knocked Out

Visit our dentist in Chesterfield if your tooth has gotten knocked out as well. You’ll want to try to place the tooth back into the socket but be sure not to touch the root itself with your hand. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, keep your tooth in milk until you can see the dentist. Rinse your mouth of any blood as well with warm water.

You Bit Through Your Lip or Tongue

If you are participating in recreational activities such as sports and you don’t use a mouth guard, it is possible that you could bite through your lip at some point. If this happens, clean your mouth gently and put a cold compress on it while you are driving to the dentist. To prevent these injuries, it is best to use a mouth guard.

Other ways you can avoid dental emergencies is by avoiding chewing on ice, popcorn kernels and hard candy. If you are trying to cut something, such as opening a package, always opt for using scissors rather than using your teeth.

Visit Our Dentist in Chesterfield

If you experience a dental emergency, please visit Dr. Silva at Chesterfield Family Dentistry!

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