Safety and Sterilization Protocols
Your health and safety is our top priority, and we have made some adjustments around the office to reflect that. Here are some of the things we are doing.
Peroxyl Rinse
Isolite & IsoDry
Patient Screening
Air Purifers
Air Filters
In conjunction with our current Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our clinical team will also be equipped with the following:
    -Disposable gowns and surgical caps when applicable
    -Full face shields
    -N95 & KN95 Masks
    -We will also be limiting the number of patients we treat      at any given time. We will strictly adhere to the social              distancing recommendations set forth.

We have also streamlined our check-in and checkout process. Patients will check in with a phone call from their car and when ready one of our team members will meet them at the front door. That front door will remain locked from the outside. Our plan is to ensure that any follow-up care appointments, payments, and financial arrangements are taken care of prior to an appointment or after on the phone. No need to have patients in our reception area nor hanging out at the front desk.
Hydrogen Peroxide or Peroxyl rinse prior to any treatment or exam which decreases the amount of pathogens in patients’ mouths. Since coronavirus is vulnerable to oxidation, any mouth rinse containing oxidative agents such as 1% hydrogen peroxide or 0.2% povidone is recommended to reduce the salivary load of oral microbes, including potential coronavirus.
Integration of Isolite & IsoDry into each operatory. With these systems, we are now able to eliminate airborne dental aerosols by over 90%.
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Patient Screening Measures:

-Thorough Medical History Reviews

- Vitals will now include forehead temperature scans (taken at front door)

-Pre-Visit screening questionnaires

-Patients required to use a mask throughout the building except during treatment. If they do not arrive with their own mask, we will give them a mask at the front door.

-Hand sanitizers will be made readily available throughout the office. Patients will be given some prior to entering the office. Proper hand hygiene is our first line of defense.
PureVac high volume evacuation mirror tips for hygiene visits.
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These air purifiers will be in the office to help the air quality even more!
Medify MA-112 Air Purifers - medical grade H13 HEPA Dual filters -(cleans 1,250 square feet every 15minutes) tested to remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns
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AirDoctor stand alone purifiers will be placed in each operatory. The UtraHEPA Filter is 100 times more effective than ordinary HEPA filters and is able to capture 99.99% of the most dangerous ultra fine particles in the air.
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Medify MA-40 2.0 Air Purifers - medical grade filtration H13 True HEPA (cleans 420 square feet every 15 minutes)
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We installed Merv 13 air filters in the HVAC ducts. We previously had Merv 8s. This will help specifically with the Coronavirus. 
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