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Do I Need a Root Canal?

The term “root canal” is often tossed around in the world of dentistry, but patients might not know what it entails or when it is necessary to get one. If the inner passage of the tooth or nerve gets damaged from deep cavities, infection, or trauma, a root canal is necessary to treat the affected tissue. The internal chamber of the tooth or “pulp” contains both nerves and blood vessels. Nerves in adult teeth do not serve a purpose besides sensing stimuli such as hot and cold, so removing the nerve can help treat pain due to damaged nerve tissue. Our dentist in Chesterfield performs root canals regularly, so know that we will make the procedure run as smoothly as possible. If your individual case is very complicated a referral to a root canal specialist or endodontist may be needed.

Causes of Root Canals

Decay, damage and disease are the three major factors behind root canal pain. If decay has progressed to the point of penetrating the outer layers of your teeth, it can cause pain. Severe trauma, cracks or chips in your teeth may cause root canal pain, as well as severe periodontal or gum disease.

Signs that a Root Canal is Necessary

Regular visits to our dentist in Chesterfield is a great way to stay on top of any potential problems. While not all tooth-related pain is related to a root canal, severe infections and pain may be an indicator. You may find that you are unable to eat without feeling pain or pressure, or that your tooth is extremely sensitive to hot or cold stimuli. A pimple-like bump located on the gums near the painful area is another sign that a root canal is necessary. Gums may be tender and swollen as well.

The Procedure Itself

Our dentist in Chesterfield will first use an anesthetic to numb the area so all you should feel is vibration and pressure. Then the Pulp is accessed through a small opening in the crown portion of the tooth. This allows us to remove the damaged tissue and nerve. The tooth will either be filled on the same day or filled with a temporary filling until a customized crown is ready. You might feel slight sensitivity while your mouth is healing.

Root canals have a high percent success rate, and with proper care, they will likely last a long time. If you think you might need a root canal, schedule an evaluation appointment with our dentist in Chesterfield.

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